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Hello. My name is Anna Lo Piccolo. Lo Piccolo is my entire last name, though there is a space between the L and the P. It's Italian. It means in an ungrammatical fashion "the little". My initials are AL. Living up to my name, I am tiny, though industrious, like a little worker ant. Besides industry, I have a foolhardy creative streak and a good disposition (desired in a coworker, employee or rescue cat) and I've proven to be a great team player with over 9 years of in-house studio experience in the social expression and gift product industries, with a recent jaunt in toy design and packaging. My professional work includes surface design, greeting card design, stationery design, packaging, color correction, print/digital production, designing with special processes and finishings and page layout.

When not playing with pixels, bezier points, paper, paint, ink or fabric you can usually find me in my Philadelphia row house garden I share with my partner Tom musing over living colors and textures, taking walks or simply squinting at things, trying to imagine them differently.


Working in-house at Kathy Davis Studios and WeVeel, LLC I've done pitch, design or production work for a variety of licensees and clients including American Greetings, UK Greetings, Recycled Paper Greetings, Deluxe Checks,, Demdaco, ACCO Mead, Dollar General, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Free Spirit Fabrics, Fabric Traditions, Joann Fabrics, Source Books, Creative Converting, among many others.


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